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Running Multiple Instances of SI_SCOPE in Windows

You can configure SI_SCOPE to analyze more than one RS232 channel from the same PC. In order to do this you must configure the second instance of SI_SCOPE to use the standard Windows serial driver and you will need to launch it from the command line. To operate SI_SCOPE in a multi-channel environment from the same Windows PC do the following:

  • Create a directory on your hard drive named "Channel2" or some other name.
  • Copy the files si_scope32.exe and WinApiDrvr32.dll from the SI_SCOPE install directory to the directory Channel2.
  • Bring up the first instance of SI_SCOPE using the ScopeCfg program as normal. You can have this first instance configured to use SI_SCOPE's serial drivers or you can have it configured to use the standard Windows driver.
  • Open a command prompt and navigate to the directory you created in step one.
  • Launch the second instance of SI_SCOPE as follows si_scope32 /drvr:winapidrvr32.dll /p1:x /p2:y  Where x and y are the windows port numbers for the communications ports you are using to monitor the second channel. For example if you wanted to use COM5 and COM6 on your system you would pass /p1:5 /p2:6 on the command line. Note that these ports cannot be the same as those being used to monitor the first channel.

You can repeat the process for as many channels as you wish to monitor as long as you run each instance of SI_SCOPE from within its own directory.

Before utilizing this technique please consult the following document regarding the difference between running SI_SCOPE with the standard Windows driver vs. SIDRVR: Using SI_SCOPE Pro with USB <-> RS232 Converters.

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