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Installing the Ultra-Tap RS232 Analyzer Cable with SI-SCOPE

Section 1:
  1. Insert the SI-SCOPE CD into your computer and install the SI-SCOPE software. After the software has installed reboot your computer. Leave the SI-SCOPE CD in your computer.
  2. After your system restarts insert the UltraTap adapter into a free USB slot on your PC or laptop.
  3. When the Windows plug and play manager detects the UltraTap cable it will ask you for the disk to install the drivers for the FT245R USB FIFO. This is the chipset inside the UltraTap cable. The drivers are located on the SI-SCOPE CD in a folder called “UltraTap Drivers”. Windows should be able to locate the drivers off the CD. If not manually select this folder.
  4. After the FT245R drivers have been installed Windows will detect a new USB Serial Port. This is the Windows Virtual Serial driver for the FT245R. These drivers are located in the same folder on the SI-SCOPE CD mentioned in step 3. Windows should be able to locate the drivers off the CD.
  5. After the UltraTap drivers have been installed open up the Ports section inside Device Manager and record the port number of the new virtual serial port the UltraTap cable installed on.

Section 2:

Now you are ready to launch SCOPECFG from the Windows Start Menu. After the program loads follow these steps:

  1. Select the Settings->Configure Board Type menu option.
  2. From the “Multiport Board Configuration” dialog choose the “UltraTap Cable” from the drop down menu and click accept.
  3. Select the Settings->Configure Port Parameters menu option.
  4. Configure the UltraTap Port to the value recorded in step 5 above.
  5. Save your settings.
  6. Launch SI-SCOPE by selecting the Run->Analyzer menu option.

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