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Analyzing Multiple RS232 Links with the Ultra-Tap

You can configure SI_SCOPE to analyze more than one RS232 channel from the same PC. In order to do this you will need to launch SI_SCOPE from the command line and will need one Ultra-Tap cable per RS232 link you want to debug. To operate SI_SCOPE in a multi-channel environment from the same Windows PC do the following:
  • Create a directory on your hard drive named "Channel2" or some other name.
  • Copy the files si_scope32.exe, USBTap.dll, KeyLbE32.dll, and Machnm1.exe from the SI_SCOPE install directory to the directory Channel2.
  • Bring up the first instance of SI_SCOPE using the ScopeCfg program as normal.
  • Open a command prompt and navigate to the directory you created in step one.
  • Launch the second instance of SI_SCOPE as follows si_scope32 /microtap /drvr:usbtap.dll /p1:x Where x is the Windows port number assigned to your second Ultra-Tap cable. For example if the second Ultra-Tap cable enumerated to COM5 on your system you would pass /p:5 on the command line.
You can repeat the process for as many channels as you wish to monitor as long as you run each instance of SI_SCOPE from within its own directory.

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