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Title: TN030001 Opening multiple RS232 ports with SI_COMM

You can open as many ports with SI_COMM as are available on your system. Each
instance of a SI_COMM control can only control one port at a time. Therefore
you will need to use SI_COMM in a control array or put multiple instances of
SI_COMM on a VB form.

Each SI_COMM control must be controlling a unique port. If you try to open the
same port using two different instances of the control an error will be
generated. You assign a port number using the PortNumber property. Set this
port number to one of the SI_COMM enumerated constants COMM01-COMM16 (these
constants are also included in the file SI_COMM.BAS found in the "INC"
directory where you installed SI_COMM). If your system has more than 16 ports
then assign the PortNumber property to the port number minus one. For example
to open COMM20 you would set the PortNumber property to 19.

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