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All of our boards are compatible with SI_SCOPE. We have made every effort to ensure that these boards will provide maximum performance under the demands of serial analysis. All boards can share a single Irq line between ports and provide a range of selectable addresses.

sealevel.gif (6311 bytes)

  • Sealevel Dual Port 16 bit ISA Com Board: 14 selectable addresses (including COM1-COM4), 9 selectable Irq's (both ports can optionally share the same Irq), and 16550 UARTS .


quatech.gif (1748 bytes)

  • Quatech Dual Port Type II PCMCIA RS232 card: Selectable I/O base addresses (including COM1-COM4), 11 selectable Irq's (both ports can optionally share the same Irq) and 16550 UARTS. Win95/98, and WinNT/2K/XP drivers included.


Analyze RS-232 and RS-485 Data Links


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