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RS232 Analyzer

Analyze RS232 Communications from your PC or laptop!

We have been helping engineers analyze RS232 communications since 1994!
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SI_SCOPE is a comprehensive RS232 analyzer for Windows that is used to debug, analyze, or document serial communications. With SI_SCOPE you can eliminate guess work and quickly diagnose problems by analyzing RS232 data and signal changes in real-time from your PC.

SI_SCOPE now comes with your choice of two cabling options our legacy dual port Passive Monitoring Cable or our new Ultra-Tap USB Cable that eliminates the need for two free com ports on your PC.

How does SI_SCOPE work?

In Async mode SI_SCOPE analyzes your RS232 circuit at the byte level by tapping the line with a special monitoring cable. The diagram to the right illustrates how the dual port Passive Monitoring Cable (PMC) operates. When RS232 data is transmitted from one device to the other the data is routed into the SI-SCOPE PC while being transmitted to the receiving device.

All RS232 data, error conditions, and signal changes are recorded and time stamped at the interrupt level by SI_SCOPE'S device drivers. Similar products that use the Windows communications API sometimes display events out of sequence or fail to accurately measure the time between recorded events. SI_SCOPE'S interrupt driven design guarantees that the sequence of events is correctly displayed and the time between the events is accurately measured.

SI_SCOPE's Async mode PMC drivers support Windows 10 (x86/x64), Windows 7 (x86/x64), and XP. The installation program will detect the target operating system and correctly install the proper kernel mode driver.

Diagram of dual port RS232 analyzer cable hookup

New Ultra-Tap Option! Analyze RS232 communications through your USB port

 image of RS232 hood for Ultra-Tap analyzer cable Ultra-Tap is our next generation cable design that eliminates the need for two dedicated communication ports on your PC. Ultra-Tap is an embedded RS232 analyzer in a small hand held form factor that connects to your system's USB port.

Ultra-Tap's embedded circuitry handles the capture and time tagging of all RS232 data, signal changes, and error conditions for baud rates up to 921.6 Kbps. SI-SCOPE'S Ultra-Tap drivers handle the USB interface and ensure that all RS232 events are displayed in the proper sequence and that event timing is accurately maintained.


Is the Ultra-Tap difficult to connect?

No, connecting the Ultra-Tap to your serial link is very easy. The Ultra-Tap hood has two 9 pin serial connectors that you use to insert the cable into the RS232 link you want to analyze. The Ultra-Tap is then connected to any free USB port on your PC or Laptop.

SI-SCOPE's Ultra-Tap plug and play drivers support Windows 10 (x86/x64), Windows 7 (x86/x64), XP, and Windows 2000.

diagram of Ultra-Tap RS232 analyzer cabling

Serial Spy Mode

SI_SCOPE also has the ability to operate as a Serial Port Spy. Spy mode is a software only solution that does not require any special cabling or dedicated ports. In Spy mode SI_SCOPE will insert a special kernel mode driver into the Windows driver stack and silently monitor all the activity between any Windows program and an attached RS232 device. Spy mode is the perfect solution for situations where it is impossible to physically tap into the RS232 line such as RS232 devices that use an internal USB converter.

Spy mode will work with any port enumerated by the Windows serial driver and supports Windows 10 (x86/x64), Windows 7 (x86/x64), and XP.

Is it easy to use?

Very easy! Unlike similar products with cryptic interfaces SI_SCOPE's menu driven architecture requires little or no learning curve. You can be productive with it right out of the box and refer to the manual as needed.

image of rs232 datascope main screen

SI_SCOPE RS232 Analyzer Feature List

  • Async mode support for Windows 10(x86/x64), Windows 7(x86/x64), and XP.
  • Dual RS232 Port Passive Monitoring Cable (PMC) or Ultra-Tap Cable (UTC) options.
  • Time stamps included on every event with millisecond resolution.
  • Fully configurable RS232 parameters with support for baud rates up to 921600 bps.
  • Analyze data in ASCII, EBCDIC, and HEX screen formats
  • Control signals (DTR, RTS, DCD, DSR, CTS, and RI) are recorded and time stamped allowing you to analyze where and when signal changes occur.
  • Line status errors can be recorded and time stamped allowing you to see precisely which device generated the error and when the error was detected.
  • File Capture option records data to disk as it is captured. Included conversion program exports a captured session into a binary (record format included in documentation) or ASCII text file format. ASCII format allows for user defined field delimiters for easy integration into third party word processing and spread sheet programs.
  • For long analyzer sessions the capture file can be automatically archived at a user defined time each day.
  • Capture file can be saved and reloaded into SI-SCOPE for review at a later time.
  • Programmable triggers allow you to activate and deactivate data capture based on incoming data streams. Wildcards are supported!
  • Terminal mode allows you to send data to the device under test from the keyboard and observe responses. Programmable macros allow complex data sequences to be transmitted at the touch of a key.
  • ASCII charts, popup rulers, and time cursors provide the tools you need to analyze serial protocols.
  • Search Engine can scan through captured data for any data pattern, signal change, or error condition.
  • Spy mode for cable free debugging.
  • Included cable (PMC or UTC) taps any RS232 link allowing for bidirectional monitoring of all data and control signals.
  • Dual Port Passive Monitoring Cable (PMC) supports PCI, PCMCIA, and PCIe ExpressCard devices. USB serial converters are also supported.  Please read our FAQ if you plan on using a USB converter.
  • Supports half duplex RS485 communications analysis and 9 bit protocols when used with an RS485 converter.
  • Comprehensive online manual included in both Windows Help and Adobe PDF format.

Will SI_SCOPE work for me?

We guarantee it! If during the first 30 days you are not completely satisfied with SI_SCOPE you can return it for a refund. So don't waste another minute trying to find where that protocol bug is, get SI_SCOPE and get productive again!


Description Item Code Price Purchase
product photo SI-SCOPE RS232 Analyzer with Ultra-Tap Software on CD media with Ultra-Tap USB interface cable.
SISCOPE-UT $399.95
product photo SI-SCOPE RS232 Analyzer Download Edition. Available for immediate download. You will need to assemble the dual port passive monitoring cable using the included documentation.
SISCOPE-DE $189.95


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