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Serial Port Control for Visual Basic

Are you feeling constrained by the limitations of VB's serial port control? Wondering what happened to the serial port control in .NET? Then move over to SI_COMM the 32 bit ActiveX by Software Innovations Inc. With SI_COMM you get an easy to use product that can handle your most demanding applications.

Don't get stuck with the control that came in the box and won't be able to meet your needs as your requirements change. Purchase SI_COMM for $189.95 or Download a 30 day trial today!

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Major Features!

  • Complete control over all RS232 line parameters.
  • 16 different flow control settings built in.
  • 32 modem handling properties and methods.
  • Inter-character pace time calibration down to the millisecond on data transmissions.
  • 20 selectable communications events.
  • File transfers using ZMODEM, XMODEM, and YMODEM.
  • CRC16 and CRC32 calculation methods.
  • Peek support for non destructive examination of receive buffer.
  • Wait For methods return when program specified data is collected in the receive buffer.
  • Supports VB4, VB5, VB6, C++, VB.NET, and C#.
  • Wrapper class included for easy integration with Visual C++.
  • Includes a royalty-free license.
  • Complete online documentation included.
  • Working example programs included for all development environments.
  • Click here to see a complete property list.
Programming serial communications in windows with SI_COMM.

Integrated Debugging Power!

Lets face it debugging serial communications is a difficult task. That's why we have integrated the SI_COMM Tracer into the ActiveX. SI_COMM Tracer allows you to capture and view all the activity between your application and the SI_COMM ActiveX. Examine data flow, property gets/sets, events, and method calls while your application is running.

Multi-Tasking Performance!

Now SI_COMM gives your applications the ability to perform multiple file transfer operations at once without having to write any multi threaded code to do it. By setting SI_COMM's AsyncMode property to True all file transfer operations will be processed on their own thread. Only SI_COMM gives you the ability to write powerful server applications that can accept file transfer requests from as many clients as your system has I/O ports.

Unparalleled Speed!

Only SI_COMM brings your Win32 applications to the edge. SI_COMM has complete support for the COMM-DRV/VxD and COMM-DRV/NT product line by WCSC. With SI_COMM your applications can reach limits unattainable with any other ActiveX by bypassing the standard Windows driver and using a truly high performance driver engineered for demanding applications. This powerful combination gives your applications direct control of the UART as well as millisecond time stamping on each received byte. (COMM-DRV is a separate product that must be installed to use this feature)


private void Form1_Load(object sender, System.EventArgs e)
   this.axSI_COMM1.PortNumber = SI_COMMLib.enumPortNumber.COMM01;
   this.axSI_COMM1.PortOpen = true;
  //' Turn on the delta events for the RS232 signals. This will cause SI_COMM
  //' to fire a CommEvent when one of these signals change state.

   this.axSI_COMM1.DeltaCTS = true;
   this.axSI_COMM1.DeltaDCD = true;
   this.axSI_COMM1.DeltaDSR = true;
   this.axSI_COMM1.DeltaRI = true;
  //'Read in the current state of the ports pins
int CBreakOutWindow::OnCreate( LPCREATESTRUCT lpCreateStruct ) {

   CClientDC *dc;

   if (CFrameWnd::OnCreate(lpCreateStruct) == -1) return -1;
   if (!objSiComm.Create(this,100)) AfxThrowResourceException();

// Set the Delta DCD,DSR,CTS, and RI events..

   dc = new CClientDC(this);
   m_cxChar = tm.tmAveCharWidth;
   m_cyChar = tm.tmHeight;

   delete dc;
   return 0;

Visual Basic
Private Sub Form_Load()

' Open the port...
    SI_COMM1.PortOpen = True

' Initialize the diodes to the state of the Modem Signals....

   If SI_COMM1.CTS = True Then shpCTS.FillColor = vbGreen
   If SI_COMM1.DSR = True Then shpDSR.FillColor = vbGreen
   If SI_COMM1.DCD = True Then shpDCD.FillColor = vbGreen
   If SI_COMM1.RI = True Then shpRI.FillColor = vbGreen

' Tell the control to generate a CommEvent whenever on of the Modem
' Signals change...

   SI_COMM1.DeltaDCD = True
   SI_COMM1.DeltaCTS = True
   SI_COMM1.DeltaRI = True
   SI_COMM1.DeltaDSR = True

End Sub



Purchase SI_COMM in electronic format and start using it today for only $189.95

Buy now for $189.95



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